Soapmaking – Giorganic

Soapmaking is my favourite kind of Art



Why I love it so much?


To begin with, the final result is all that matters to me. Knowing that every single product I make will help to preserve the place we live, I finally understand my purpose in this world. 


Soapmaking is so much fun. I love to use my creativity to play, learn, make mistakes and get my hands right into the natural ingredients that our mother earth provides for us and must be handled with great love and care. I like the fun of discovering, understanding and being close and connected with nature while making each Giorganic product.

Every ingredient, recipe, package, every part of the soapmaking process is thought of carefully to be there for us to value! My favourite part is being able to use my hands. I truly feel connected with something bigger than me. I love feeling the different textures and being surrounded of beautiful scents from mother nature.

Between one process and another, I like to always remember that "less is more", and that's how we should take care of our body, our home and our life, with simplicity, awareness and so much love.